Shovel Ready Benefit

Benefits of a Certified Shovel Ready Site

What Does Certified Shovel Ready Mean?

A Certified Shovel Ready Site is a piece of property whereby a group of interested parties (owner, developer, city, state, utility provider and/or economic development agency) has worked proactively to address all major infrastructure and permitting issues prior to a business expressing interest in the location.

In many cases it also includes supporting site local criteria such as incentives, workforce and other data.

Certification is based on a specific set of criteria and done by an independent, third-party.

Why are Certified Shovel Ready Sites Necessary?

Having a site “certified” reduces the risk associated with development of particular sites by providing up front and consistent information.  By providing consistent standards regarding the availability and development potential of commercial or industrial development sites, this region is remaining proactive and competitive in the site selection process.

How Does this Program Benefit our Region?

1.  It improves our competitive edge by giving more certainty for businesses in locating and developing projects quickly

2.  It standardizes and recognizes one set of site specific data that is most demanded by site selectors and developers

3.  It encourages local economic development organizations and cities to control, invest and comprehensively analyze sites prior to client visits

4.  It demostrates that we are committed to promoting and expediting economic development projects