Three sites on the UI Research Park have been certified as Iowa Shovel Ready

Companies located at the UI Research Park get access to The University of Iowa’s $3.6 billion in assets: world-class researchers, specialized facilities, and technical and business support. At The University of Iowa, academic research and economic development work hand in hand.


General Manufacturing

End-users are generally heavier manufacturing and/or integrated assembly operations that align manufacturing cells with the final assembly of large capital equipment.  These operations usually require higher utility service thresholds at the site, as well as interstate and rail access (strongly preferred).

Light Industrial

Operations require individual sites that are usually part of an industrial park, which may include multi-tenant structures. Utility and transportation infrastructure requirements are typically modest.

Rural Industrial

Sites prepared for smaller, owner-managed companies or satellite facilities. Operations are relatively more labor intensive, but it does not always require highly technical skills. Rural Industrial sites are located in towns with populations of fewer than 5,000 and draw a workforce from a large laborshed.

Smart Office

Building or building sites that are environmentally-friendly, designed for employee-wellness, and use modern building technology.  Smart Office buildings are typically located in office parks, light industrial parks, or a similar planned development, but can also be standalone structures in a downtown area.

Technology Center

Facilities typically include office and laboratory space that support research and development activities.  Activities in these facilities are conducted by scientists, researchers, and technicians working to discover information that is technological in nature.  Whether a building, site, or office park, Technology Centers must have an official tie to a four-year college or university.